The Electronic Voice Phenomenon


n the year 1959, the Swedish painter and opera singer Friedrich Jürgenson noticed strange voices on a tape recording which addressed him by his name and told things which only he could know. From this time on, he completely devoted himself to the exploration of the "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" which became known as "voices from the hereafter" due to his book Voice Transmissions With The Deceased which he released in 1967 (original German title: Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen). The Latvian psychologist Konstantin Raudive was one of the first who got aware of Jürgensons discovery. Through his book Breakthrough (original German title: Unhörbares wird hörbar) which was published in 1968, EVP became well-known all over the world. Jürgenson was always eager to let the phenomenon examine scientifically. For this, he addressed radio broadcasting technicians and drew the attention of physicists and psychologists to it. In the years 1964 and 1970, the parapsychological institute in Heidelberg carried out examinations of the voice penomenon under the leadership of Hans Bender [Link German], which clearly confirmed the existence of the phenomenon. However, these examinations weren't continued – allegedly due to lack of money. Further investigations in London in the early 1970s [Link German], this time together with Raudive, again confirmed the genuineness of the phenomenon. Of course, from today's view the question arises which meaningfulness these experiments actually had. Were really all required precautions taken to exclude "normal" influences? However, the popularity of the phenomenon nevertheless remained unbroken to this day. The mysterious "voices from another world" have lost nothing of their fascination, particularly since everybody who has a little patience can obtain them with relatively simple technical means.


Nothing more than a working recording device with a connected microphone is required for this. This doesn't need to be a tape recorder but also can be a cassette recorder, MiniDisc recorder or computer with sound card.

On the following pages I have tried to compile some practical tips and hints for this. You can also listen to some examples of EVP as MP3 files. Furthermore, there are some articles, e.g. on theories about the origin of the voice phenomenon which still is largely unsolved. Please choose a topic from the menu at the top of this page...

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