How to record EVP


You shouldn't expect EVP messages lasting for minutes in radio quality. In most cases you'll receive individual names or only a few words referring to your question or to a certain situation; long sentences are more the exception in the beginning. Many voices are spoken faint or fast, or they show a strange rhythm or sound, and sometimes the grammar is incorrect. It requires some time of habituation to the background noise until you are able to suppress disturbing noises acoustically and to hear the actual voices, but through regular practice your ability to understand the voices, and also the quality of the voices themselves, will improve. Remember: Only practice makes perfect! :-)

You may also ask for appropriate hints during the EVP recordings and then try to realize them to achieve improvements. It's also recommended to carry out these experiments systematically; first of all this means not to modify the test set-up arbitrarily from EVP recording to EVP recording.



Instead you should try to keep all known parameters which might have an effect on the result in any way constant, and only make one change at a time, and then work with this set-up for some time in order to see what effect on the voices this alteration does have. Possible parameters are for instance the used devices, their spatial arrangement, the settings of these devices, the used raw material, the time of day, and – not less important – also the psychic state of the experimenter or the members of the group. This latter "parameter" is perhaps even the most important one! Most active EVP experimenters experience "inexplicable fluctuations" in quantity and quality of the obtained voices in spite of unchanged external conditions: There are periods of several days or sometimes weeks with many EVP, followed by periods without or with only a few EVP, although the same equipment was used. This clearly shows that EVP is not merely a pure technical phenomenon or just an illusion, but that there are further components, perhaps a "spiritual" one. Thus, a mental tuning – as mentioned above – can only be recommended. End of article