How to record EVP


EVP recordings usually are performed quite relaxed and unforced, and there's nothing "occult" of even "holy" at them. However, some concentration or a little mental tuning of the participants certainly won't do any harm since after all the communication with other realms of consciousness takes place on a spiritual-mental plane, and if your mind is full of everyday thoughts, it might be more difficult to establish contact.

Some theories say that the contact between different realms of consciousness works on the basis of "resonance", or in simplified terms, following the principle "like attracts like" [Link].



Therefore, the kind of beings we will get in contact with depends on our own state of mind which is affected by our thoughts, our emotions and the current mood. If a group of several participants is carrying out an EVP recording, the success depends on the "overall energy" of the group which should be as harmonic as possible. No matter if an EVP recording is done alone or in a group – a preceding short tuning surely won't do any harm. Ideal for this is for instance listening to an appropriate piece of music to "synchronize" the thoughts and the emotions of all participants. (If you like it more contemplative, you may of course also light candles or burn joss sticks, and pray or meditate...) next