How to record EVP


Basically, the process of recording EVP is nothing unusual or even mysterious. In fact it's like a normal recording: A Info microphone is connected to a Info cassette recorder or to the sound card of a Seite computer (optimally via a microphone preamplifier), and the recording is started. Now questions are being asked "into the room", with pauses of about 15 seconds between each question to leave room for the expected replies. Upon playback of this recording you will sometimes hear voices in the gaps between your questions or remarks. These messages are often related to the questions or to certain situations or circumstances known to you, or they may call you by name.

Usually a low Info background noise, is being played back during the recording which is used by the originators of the voices as a kind of acoustic "raw material" to form their messages.



This could for instance be a radio which is tuned to a foreign-language station (radio method), or Info prerecorded sound, e.g. some foreign language or reversed speech (conserve method), or the noise of rippling water from a fountain (Seite water method). Other experimenters use a artificial voice-like noise generated by a computer (Seite speech synthesis method). Personally, I prefer the two latter techniques, whereas I don't think much of the radio method and related methods such as the "Jürgenson Wave" (medim wave 1485 kHz), the "Psychophon" (broadband radio), the "sweeping method" (periodical variation of the radio tuning, either manually or automatically by means of a small electronic attachment), and the like, because of the great danger of misinterpretation: How will it be possible to distinguish clearly between fragments of normal radio broadcasts and paranormal messages in such an uncontrolled mixture of babble and noises? next