How to record EVP

Before I'll be explaining in detail the exact procedure for recording EVP, I'd like to make the following two notes:

The term "Electronic Voice Phenomena"

This term indicates, that the paranormal voices are captured by electronic devices. When the voice phenomenon was discovered by Jürgenson, these were reel-to-reel tape recorders; therefore he called the voices in German "Tonbandstimmen" which means "voices on tape". However, EVP don't appear only on magnetic recording media or on analog devices, but also on any other sort of recording media, including digital ones such as DAT tapes, MiniDiscs, or computer harddrives. Often the voices can be heard even during the recording. This means that a recording device isn't necessarily required for the phenomenon to occur, but it's helpful for us to evaluate and analyze the recording in order to find the voices and to understand what they are saying, since in most cases the voices are spoken too fast, or they are too low to be heard immediately.


The working hypothesis

This guide is based on the "spiritistic hypothesis" which says that contact with spiritual beings or with beings in the hereafter is being searched. Of course, EVP can also be considered as caused by "psychokinesis" (i.e. by the experimenter himself, according to the "animistic hypothesis"), as a result of "synchronicity" (which means "meaningful coincidences"), as "nonlocal correlations" (after the chaos or system theory), or simply as "subjective, semantic interpretations of indistinct, voicelike sound sequences" (perception psychology), i.e. as an illusion – this is totally up to each and everyone. Who feels more comfortable with these alternative explanations since they serve to avoid the need to assume an immaterial form of existence may of course feel free to do so. However, this raises the question why many voices give the impression that they come from individual, intelligent beings. next